Good Cheap Beer

Identifying good cheap beer is an endless task.  It takes an undying desire to find the best cheap beer available and a sturdy liver to handle it all.  This working list of good cheap beers will be updated occasionally, so check back often!

Boxer Lager, Good Cheap BeerBoxer Lager

Weighing in at $11.99 for a 36 pack, Boxer Lager offers a ton of beer for the price.  It’s a little sweet going down, but the price is right. Boxer Lager was crowned the champion of Cheap Beer Madness 2011 and was in large part the creative intoxicating force behind the creation of Dirty Beer Hole.  Always a crowd favorite among the Dirty Beer Hole crew.

Lost Lake Beer, Good Cheap BeerLost Lake Beer

Champion of Cheap Beer Madness (Winter, 2012), Lost Lake Beer came as a surprise to all of us.  So much of a surprise that none of us remembered bringing it.  It is brewed in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and goes down plenty smooth for the price.  Another Dirty Beer Hole favorite on the good cheap beer list.

Carling Black Label, Good Cheap BeerCarling Black Label Beer

Yet another champion of Cheap Beer Madness (Summer, 2012).  Carling Black Label is quite simply some good, cheap beer.  Enjoy!

  • Todd Ferris

    Havent seen a can of black label in 30 years,I was always partial to Blatz,now my cheap beer is Natural Light in the bottle.Cheers.

    • DirtyBeerHole

      Thanks for the note Todd. Blatz was the first beer someone ever bought for me! May the cheap beer be with you.

  • beer brain

    Old Milwaukee is one of the best bargains….not always easy to find but when you can it’s at the bottom in price and about mid range in quality

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  • David Broyles

    Boxer Lager is brilliant, but Boxer Ice is genius!

    • DirtyBeerHole

      Atta boy David. Boxer Ice is on the short list of cheap beers that’ll get the job done.