Boxer Lager: Beer of Champions

Boxer Lager, Good Cheap BeerWeighing in around 12-bucks for a 36 pack, Boxer Lager offers a ton of beer for the price.  It’s a little sweet going down, but the price is right. Boxer Lager was crowned the champion of Cheap Beer Madness 2011 and was in large part the creative intoxicating force behind the creation of Dirty Beer Hole.  Always a crowd favorite among the Dirty Beer Hole crew.

Where is Boxer Lager Brewed?

In the U.S., Boxer Lager is brewed at Minhas Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin.  It’s about an hour south of Madison.

In Canada, Boxer Lager is brewed in Biggar, Saskatchewan.  It’s sold across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario at the lowest legal price.

“Lowest Legal Price”?

Boxer Lager, cheap case of beerBoxer Lager is cheap.  Real cheap. It’s been spotted in liquor stores for as little as $11.99 for a 36 pack of 12-ounce cans.  That’s only $0.33 per can.  If you want want to get all mathmaticy, that is only 2.7 cents per delicious ounce. Stock up and drink ‘em down.

Boxer Lager features on Dirty Beer Hole

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