Cheap Beer Madness: Tournament of Cheap Beers

What is Beer Madness you ask?  It’s really just a good excuse to get greased and watch basketball, but it also crowns an annual champion of cheap beers.  It’s a tournament-style blind taste testing for cheap beers.


  • Price: All beers must cost less than $12 per twelve pack.  It is preferable if the beer is available in an 18- or 30-pack.  The goal of Beer Madness is to crown a champion of cheap beers; not to find the finest craft beer around.
  • The Contenders: No beer is too cheap or too nasty to make it into Beer Madness.  Natural Ice, Blatz, LaCrosse Lager are commonly in the mix.  Some of the expected brews are also in there: Bud Light, Coors Light, MGD, etc. The more diverse the the competitors are, the better the outcome. See 2011 Champion – Boxer Beer.
  • Brackets: Each of four (4) regional brackets get four (4) beers assigned randomly.  Each round is a head-to-head match-up of two (2) beers served by the Beer Wenches in numbered cups, majority vote moves onto the next round.
  • Blind Taste Test: Names and brands of the beers must not be known by the judges at any time until after the entire tournament is completed.  Judges can guess which beer is which, but no confirmation or denial of said guesses can be confirmed until the completion of the final round.  See Beer Wenches, below.
  • Beer Wenches: Beer Wenches must be used, so as to keep the sanctity of the blind taste testing.   Beer Wenches must take a solemn oath to withhold the identity of the beers during the tournament.
  • Pallet Cleanser: The tournament host gets the honor of selecting the pallet cleanser that all judges will use between beer tastings.  Popular selections include, but are not limited to, other cheap beer with an obnoxiously high alcohol concentration (the alcohol helps disinfect your dirty beer hole between beer tastings) and Fried Ruben Sandwich Rolls.
  • Jim Chillstrom

    What happens to the “Dirty Beer Hole” until March Madness 2012?

    • Dirty Beer Hole Administrator

      Good question. A couple of possibilities come to mind:
      1) Drink beer excessively;
      2) Tweet obsessively; or
      3) See #1 and #2.

    • Director of Dirty Beer Hole Operations

      A lot! If you come back to on a regular basis you’d clearly see that we have new content posted several times each week. Also follow our tweets on Twitter. Thanks for supporting our DirtyBeerHole.

  • mike

    We are very community oriented group. And no, it is not court ordered.