Cheap Beer Madness 2012, Summer Edition

The summer edition of Cheap Beer Madness finally arrived.  After another significant royal rumble between 16 cheap brews, the summer champion has been crowned.  All hail Carling Black Label Beer!  Weighing in at $13.49 for a 24-pack, it’s another cheap Canadian masterpiece.  Grain Belt Nordeast out of Minnesota came in a close second to this summer’s champion.

Although our picture taking skills are generally inhibited by the spike in blood/cheap-beer concentration towards the end of the tourney, our dedicated graphics department was able to enhance a photograph for the dual purpose of celebrating the cheapness of Carling Black Label and preserving the anonymity of some of the judges for the sake of neutrality in future.

Congrats to Carling Black Label Beer!  Beer me, beer me all night long.

Black Label, Cheap Beer Madness 2012, Summer

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