PBR Me As Soon As I Die

PBR Me ASAP.  And then I die, PBR me, literally.  Bill Bramanti wants to be buried in a custom Pabst Blue Ribbon casket when he kicks the bucket.  Bill Bramanti is true beer patriot. We at Dirty Beer Hole salute this five-time heart-attack survivor thriver.

Mr. Bramanti, welcome aboard to the esteemed list of Beer Patriots.  In the meantime, keep on keepin’ on with your PBR-lovin’ ways.

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  • Viva Azzurri

    As Billy’s cousin, I can assure you that he will wear the title of “Beer Patriot” as a badge of honor.

    • http://DirtyBeerHole.com DirtyBeerHole

      We are honored to welcome Billy to the DBH family.