Miller Lite Punch Top Can, v 2.0 (#PunchTop)

So the Miller Lite Punch Top Can helps you pour beer into your beer hole faster by allowing you to open up a little hole on top of the can.  Sure, you can puncture a little tiny hole on the top of the can to let a little air in, but why not take it to the next level.  Dirty Beer Hole, and its group of esteemed scientific researchers, have come up with a slight improvement on the hottest beer can of Summer 2012.

Behold: The Miller Lite Punch Top Can, version 2.0:

Miller Lite Punch Top Can, v 2.0

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  • the twice chipped guy

    Punch top seems to be the best because if you go to the best bars in Europe, USA, Dude, Koreans know beer, heck anywhere on earth the best beer always is on tap and when it is pored it is pored the tap way making the lest disturbance in delivery which makes the beer hold its head up and it’s natural taste come through. but more than this the process of recycling is aided in the fact the cap is the same as the body of the dispenser and the cost of recycling is offset in the process which show less metal is more efficient and makes for a better can. All beer should come in such cans and the trinket designers could be making key bobs or cap top can openers or bringing back the old P-38 with a twist, what ever floats your boat but this is revolutionary in design. You kick butt Miller Lite! Here is a chance to prove we have the right idea and doing something for the environment can be fun. How says that’s not drinking responsibly?