Canhole The Video Game

You know you’ve arrived when you have a video game.  This was first evidenced by the critically acclaimed*, Academy Award winning* Spaceballs, the Movie.

Lone Starr: Now what the hell are we watching?
Yogurt: We’re watching the scene in Spaceballs the Animated TV Series where we’re looking at ourselves playing Spaceballs the Video Game.

Well, now Canhole has a video game.  Play as Jack Link’s Sasquatch or Keystone Light’s Keith Stone in a head-to-head backyard battle royale.  But remember, in order to abide by Canhole bylaws and regulations, you must have a real-life Keystone Light in your non-mouse-yielding hand at all times — it’s only fair.

May the Schwartz be with you.

* Spaceballs didn’t win anything, nor was it critically acclaimed.  These are entirely false statements.  That is why I am disclaiming these falsities with an asterisk down here.

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