Fancy Beer Hole: Spaten Muchen Dunkel

You know it’s a fancy-schmancy beer when its name causes your spellchecker to crash and attempt to alert Microsoft.  I was told by some beer-snob buddies of mine that these fancy beers require a special glass to get optimal taste out of them – sounds high maintenance.  So I grabbed the fanciest glass in the place: my official NFL Miller Lite football glass.

Bring on beer number 1 out of the fancy beer basket.

Since 1397, this brown German brew has intoxicated scores of drunkards with finer palettes.  This old timey ale offers a strong, yet light, initial taste, with some bitter after taste.  Fancy Beer Hole approved.

Ok, that’s enough beery prose for this one.  To the bullet points:

Spaten Muchen Dunkel

Spaten Muchen Dunkel

  • How many can I drink in one sitting: 4 to 5, before feeling like I ate three loaves of bread.  Oh boy do I love bread.
  • Pinky Elevation: not completely necessary, but helpful.
  • Fanciful Scale (0-10): 6 Fancies.

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