Fancy Beer Hole: Bring on the Fancy-Schmancy Beers

The fancy-schmancy beers are here.  Dirty Fancy Beer Hole is going to try his hand at reviewing some of the finer beers, thanks to the ridiculously over-the-top basket of beer that was given to him as a gift.

I can’t pronounce half of these beers, let alone begin to describe them all.  I’ll try and find some consistency for reviewing the different beers, like: how many I could drink in one sitting, and the overall fanciful rating (0-10 fancies).  Here goes nothin’.

Fancy Schmancy Beers

Fancy Schmancy Beer Basket

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  • Frank

    Dirty Beer Hole,

    I’ll probably have some buds over to watch basketball next Thursday, thinking about having a cheap beer taste test bracket for kicks. Any ideas on some food or something to clear the pallette between rounds, the taste of the beers starts to run together after a while. Thanks guys.

    Frank – Charlamagne, OH

    • DirtyBeerHole

      Heck yes Frank. You’ve come to the right place. First of all, make sure that you have plenty of beer wenches — this is critical. Second, you have to make sure that all of your beers are similarly ice cold. Third, a palette cleanser is always a good idea — we used Baltika Grade 9 Extra Lager as ours. I wouldn’t exactly endorse that one. We also used a solid base of buffalo chicken dip and some heavenly dish known as “Crack Bread” (bread covered in bacon-bits, cheese and ranch dressing). The moral of the story? Get some good grub and have your non-beer-drinking lady friends serve it to you. That’s a recipe for success if you ask this guy. Send us your results and we’ll be glad to publish it!

      XOXO, Dirty Beer Hole