Dirty Beer Hole a.k.a. Fancy Beer Hole, For a While

So Dirty Beer Hole was given a gift: a giant decorative basket filled with fancy-ass beer.  Apparently, my family was sick and tired of the endless carrousel of cheap beer that I love to sip, swig, slurp away on.

So here’s the plan.  Dirty Beer Hole is going to try a “slightly” different approach over the course of the weeks/months to come.  I’m going to review the crap out of these fancy-ass beers.  Think Dirty Beer Hole can’t fancy it up?  With the help of some of the innovations developed by our friends at Miller High Life, Dirty Beer Hole should be in good shape.

Miller High Life Pinky Restraint

Must… resist… the pinky elevation.  Drinking fancy beer brings on odd new urges.

“I’m a hoity toity fancy pants and you are all unworthy of my company. Yes, one little finger can say all that. But now there’s help. For those afflicted with an uppity digit there’s the new Pinky Restraint from High Life Innovations”!

Miller High Life Leg Decrossifier

Note to self: keep knees at least shoulder width apart at all times.  I’m ready for this.  Bring on the fancy beer.

“For some folks (no one we personally know) leg-crossing is a bad habit. The Decrossifier gently trains away those magnetic knees, un-sophisticating the crosser and thus making him more eligible for the High Life.”

Founder and operations manager of all things Dirty Beer Hole. Don't forget to tip your servers -- just the tip.

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  • Cheap Beer Madness 2013

    Better get the fancy pants beer out of your system by March 10th, Cheap Beer Madness is back!

    • Dirty Beer Hole – Beer Wench Manager

      Don’t worry sir, the fancy-schmancy beer will only make this guy appreciate this years Cheap Beer Madness champion all the more.