Dog Days: Spuds MacKenzie is Olympics or Bust

Spuds MacKenzie, is one hell of an athlete.  Whether it be ass-sniffin’, ball-chasin’ or pole vaultin’, Spuds is your guy. So grab those analog cameras and your red, white and blue track suits this summer while you cheer on America’s most successful animal athlete behind Twiggy the water skiing squirrel.

Here’s the usual half-assed attempt at transcribing this cinematic masterpiece:

It’s been a four-year dream.  And for one super-athlete, the dream is worth its weight in gold.

There goes Spuds [YEAH!]; Watch him fly! Boldly goin’… [crowd goes wild which drowns out the majority of the power ballad]… go Go GO!

It’s up up and away, let’s celebrate the American way with Bud Light!

Bud and Bud Light, now that’s the American Dream.

You heard the token Asian chick at the end, its the American Way, so get to it you dirty ‘effers. This Buds for you.

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