NFL Fans Rejoice: Excuse to Get Drunk on Sundays Will Return As Scheduled

As you have likely heard from ESPN and via every viable news source this side of Timbuktu, the NFL lock-out is over.  Team owners and the NFLPA have agreed on setting aside their differences by penning an astonishing 10-year labor agreement that will put, and keep, football in the spotlight for years to come.  Owners are happy; players are happy.

But what would have happened if this deal wasn’t struck?  Forget about the lost ticket and advertising revenues for the owners; forget about the foregone 7-figure salaries for the players.  Dirty Beer Hole only cares about common man — the fans.

Rest assured fellow beer-lovers: the excuse to get stone-cold drunk on any given Sunday afternoon will return as scheduled in a few months.  To this, Dirty Beer Hole raises a glass.  Game on gamers.

Founder and operations manager of all things Dirty Beer Hole. Don't forget to tip your servers -- just the tip.

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