Dog Days: Alex The Dog Impersonates Like A Boss

As the Dog Days of Summer rumble on, so do our features of famous beer dogs.  Alex the Dog headlines again for today’s post.

Alex the Dog is one bad-ass dog impersonator.  You name the famous dog, Alex the Dog can likely do it with uncanny resemblance.  To name a few, he can do Rin Tin Tin, Tramp from My Three Sons, Benji and none other than the “original party animal” himself, Spuds MacKenzie.


Alex the Dog, as Cujo the Murderous Dog

It’s a little-known-fact that Alex the Dog went on a murderous rampage when he did his impersonation of Cujo after the guys didn’t recognize his Spuds MacKenzie impersonation.   These poor guys didn’t stand a chance.  Rest in peace Stroh Light drinkers, rest in peace.–QUci8

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