Dog Days: It’s Captain Spuds MacKenzie To You Sir

It’s the Dog Days of Summer.  Bring on the heat; bring on the beer.  In celebration, we at Dirty Beer Hole are featuring the most infamous beer-dog of all time: Spuds MacKenzie.

Spuds MacKenzie is a sneaky little bastard.  He’s also a talented submarine captain.  So if you’re not careful, he’ll sneak up on your yacht and steal away all of your women.  And if you don’t have a yacht, like everyone else that has ever been to this website, he’ll sneak up on your fishing boat, raft or make-shift pontoon boat.

So don’t cry in your beer when it happens; you’ve been warned.

Founder and operations manager of all things Dirty Beer Hole. Don't forget to tip your servers -- just the tip.

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