Keith Stone: Google Search for “Canhole” Yields No Indecency?

It is very rare that Dirty Beer Hole disagrees with Keith Stone.  In fact, this may be the first time that Dirty Beer Hole has even so much as considered the master of smooth moves himself to be incorrect… But in his latest appearance, Keith Stone states, “A Google Search for ‘Canhole’: perhaps the only Internet search that yields no indecent results.  And that, my friends, is the mark of a gentleman’s game.”

At least at the time of this post, Dirty Beer Hole has somehow managed to secure the top 4 search result spots for the term “canhole”.  C’mon Keith Stone!  You have so quickly judged Dirty Beer Hole as “decent”?  We beg to differ.

If you had to choose one word to describe Dirty Beer Hole, which would it be?  Share your word in the comments below.

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  • Guesticles

    that was the most empty statement ever..

  • Technogod041590

    seems decent to me… take it ass a compliment asshat.

  • Ggghamm

    keith stone is a jedi warrior

    • Dirty Beer Hole – Beer Wench Manager

      Damn straight he is. May the cheap beer be with you.