Budweiser: “When You Say Bud”

Out of the vintage beer commercial time capsule comes this gem from Budweiser. The jingle is about as catchy as the clothes are polyester.

Dirty Beer Hole is a little confused by the opening line though: “When you say Bud, You’ve said a lot of things nobody else can say.” Why the hell can’t anybody else say Bud? Eh, on to the show.

Don’t forget to walk in place while you sing along with the cast and crew of this 1970′s-ish spot. Bud Me.


When you say “Bud”
You’ve said a lot of things nobody else can say
When you say “Bud”
You’ve gone as far as you can go to get the very best
When you say “Bud”
You’ve sent the word that means you like to do it all
When you say “Bud”
It means you want the beer that’s got a taste that’s number one
When you say “Bud”
You tell the world you know what makes it all the way
When you say “Bud”
You say you care enough to only want the King of Beers

There is no other one
There’s only something less
Because the King of Beers
Is leading all the rest
When you say “Budweiser”
You’ve said it all

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