Budweiser: When You Say Bud (Remix)

The “When You Say Bud” ad was such a hit that Budweiser made a remix of it.  And by “remix”, Dirty Beer Hole clearly means “jammed the song into every popular musical genre of the 1970′s.”  How many kinds of Buds can you find in this classic beer ad?

  • Common Man Bud: Check out the head on those pours!  You’d get laughed out of the local pub these days if you were serving up pints like that.
  • Marlboro Man Bud: Patriot, stoic, manly, Bud.
  • Studio 54 Bud: Take a break from the random sexual encounters and drug use in the balconies of the club for a Bud.
  • Beach Bum Bud: Was that cup of Bud on fire at the 0:40 mark?
  • Dixieland Bud: Bud bringin’ it home in style with the swingy beats of New Orleans.

Just remember, when you say Budweiser, you’ve said it all.  Bud me.

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