Break Ups According to Keith Stone

Keith Stone can, and will, drop in on you when you least expect it.  When he does so, don’t be bashful.  Ask your burning questions to the master of smooth moves.  Just remember though, no matter the answer, you must follow the advice.  Keith Stone himself states, “You don’t have to like Keith Stone’s advice, you just have to follow it.”  So be careful, you may just have to own up to giving your neighbor’s daughter crabs after all.

Also, remember that Keith Stone need not be thanked for his advice regarding smooth moves.  Smoothness flows from his pours.  It’s as natural as breathing to him.  “You don’t have to thank the sun for shining,” says this philosopher of smoothification.

Founder and operations manager of all things Dirty Beer Hole. Don't forget to tip your servers -- just the tip.

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