K-BOX: Keystone Light’s Next Beer Box Game?

Everyone knows about Keystone Light’s latest drinking game promotion: Canhole.  Joe and Matt Bettinger, the engineering masterminds behind K-BOX, came up with what could be the next big thing in Keystone beer box promotions.  K-BOX is like a poor drunk man’s hacky-sack.

Here are the rules, as Dirty Beer Hole can gather from the video:

  1. Empty a box of Keystone Light into your fridge or, preferably, into your mouth;
  2. Wrap the empty box in duct tape for durability;
  3. Kick the crap out of the box with your pals;
  4. Drink between kicks, your hands can only be used to drink your beer.

That’s that folks.  K-BOX.

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