Dirty Beer Hole and Wine Tasting

Dirty Beer Hole reluctantly went to a wine boutique store with the wife tonight. Wine wine wine. Nothing but shelves filled with the finest of wines from around the world. Don’t get me wrong, wine has its place. But an entire store that doesn’t sell any beer? You’ve got to be kidding me!

There was a wine tasting; which was a bit hit or miss. But then, Dirty Beer Hole spotted the jackpot: about 150 PBR Tallboys stacked up in the back room. One of the stockboys must have gotten a hold of the company credit cards during the most recent restockings. Atta boy. Here’s to stockboy!

Just remember, no matter how fancy-schmancy something gets, there will always be some PBR Tallboys working in the background.

PBR Tallboys at the Wine Shoppe

PBR Tallboys at the Wine Shoppe

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