Smalley’s 87 Club: Beeramid Hypnotises the Ladies

Pre-gaming a ballgame is a necessity. For the Twins, Smalley’s 87 Club is one of the best places to be. Great deals on drinks and tasty apps. And deals on PBR Tallboys… great deals on PBR Tallboys. Such good deals that some guys decided to make a PBR Tallboy Beeramid before last Satuday’s Twins-Blue Jays game. And as you can see from the picture below, a well-constructed beeramid has the ability to hypnotize the ladies.

As a side note, Dirty Beer Hole has commissioned a group of scientists to explore the inverse relationship between Twins record and PBR Tallboy consumption.  Alternatively stated, the more the Twins suck, the more Dirty Beer Hole drinks.  This one’s for you Jose Bautista. Scientific results to follow.

PBR Tallboy Beeramid at Smalley's 87 Club

PBR Tallboy Beeramid at Smalley's 87 Club

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  • DirtyBeerHole

    UPDATE: ESPN released the Week 7 MLB Power Rankings, which places the Twins at 30th (dead last)… On that note, DirtyBeerHole is off to Sam’s Club to buy some cheap ass beer in bulk.