Saluting Those Who Salute Value Beers: Patriot(s) #8 – Part 2

The Boxer Beer gang is back for part 2 of their seemingly never-ending stream of videos about Boxer Beer.  Dirty Beer Hole can only assume that the rest of the gang is still passed out from the previous night of drinking while this other movie was made.  The voice of reason (a.k.a. TheTrendKiller666999) makes his plea to Boxer for a sponsorship at the 1:10 mark.

1:10: The Plea:
“As you can see Boxer beer… we’ve spent a long time trying our best too keep you haaaappy with our endorsements, our advertising, and our great commercials. We put these on YouTube for you and yours… to enjoy. All your company can understand, and agree, with the things that we say, and I suggest that you blog this and put it on your company… aaah, what do you call it… newsletter?”

1:57: The Negotiator:
“Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Basically, what we want, is a 100 beer a week, a person.”  “YEP, PER PERSON!”

So there you have it. These guys drive a hard bargain. The set-up man strums at the corporate heartstrings while the hard-nosed negotiator locks down the terms. Quite the dynamic duo. While Dirty Beer Hole can’t provide the 100-beer-per-week terms you fellas demand, we may be able to spare a pair of Boxer Lager Boxers or two. Comment on this post with some contact info so we can send you the goods; or tweet us; or send us a message on YouTube. And by the way, congrats on being put on Dirty Beer Hole’s … um… newsletter?

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