Keystone Light Canhole: Bags for Non-D-Bags

Keystone Light’s 30-packs come pre-armed with Keystone Light Canhole, an ingenious spin on the ever-popular yard game of Cornhole (or “bags”, “bean bags”, etc.). Ironically, Dirty Beer Hole hasn’t been able to find much out about this promotion since there really isn’t much on the internet about it… yet. Dirty Beer Hole, as a service to the folks at Keystone Light and to fans of value beers everywhere, is re-posting this promotional pic to the official Keystone Light Canhole box. Drink it in; you know you want to.

Keystone Light Canhole

Keystone Light Canhole

Don’t forget to “Like” Keystone Light’s Facebook page if you want more info or want to partake in some official Keystone Light Canhole discussion.

UPDATE: Keystone Light Canhole Bean Bags Found!
Keystone Light Canhole Bean Bags

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  • Copeland

    My guys want some of those keystone bean bags to play their Keystone Light Canhole game. Where can I purchase them from?

    • DirtyBeerHole

      Dirty Beer Hole also wants some of those Keystone Light Canhole bags! We’ll let you know if we find any.

  • Vicki

    What are those 5 of 5 cardboard separators you are supposed to collect for? Anyone know?

    • DirtyBeerHole

      Are they the Keith Stone cardboard beer can separators? I think they’re just collectors items, but not sure of it. How’s that for a really unhelpful answer?

  • Vicki

    Oh shoot, I was hoping it was to win the bean bags…or a hundred mill or something… :-) 2 of 5 was really hard to get. Had to drink like 40 30-packs before finding it… :-) Not that I’m complaining about that part… lol!

    • DirtyBeerHole

      Vicki, you are a woman of exceptional taste and value. We at DirtyBeerHole salute you.

  • Qboffice67

    where can ya get the keystone bags?

    • Dirty Beer Hole – Beer Wench Manager

      Still no sign of the Keystone Light Canhole bags… we’ve been asking around and haven’t heard back from Keystone yet. We’ll let you know if we find out! XOXO, DirtyBeerHole

    • DirtyBeerHole

      We have been asking around (posting on Keystone’s Facebook fan page) and haven’t heard back yet. We’ll let you, and the rest of the world that wants these things, know if we find anything out.

    • BeerGuy
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  • Jacquelinedailey61

    i like that

    • Sucio Beerhole

      Well Jacqueline, we at DirtyBeerHole like you.

  • Beth

    We drink the beer and crush the cans and use them. It’s called canhole.