How Boxer Lager is Made: Some Hard Work, Mostly Magic

Keebler Elf

"We don't approve of our drunken, elven cousins, but they sure do brew a damn good beer." ~Ernest J. Keebler

In the event you’re looking for some good background noise to drink Boxer Lager to, we’ve embedded some behind-the-scenes footage of the assembly line at Minhas Creek Brewing Company, brewer of the famed Boxer Lager.

Unlike the making of sausage, the making of Boxer Lager is actually quite a beautiful and magical process. First, a single tear of a drunken angel is extracted; said tear is then mixed with a pile of the finest double-rowed hops that are exclusively harvested by the inebriated cousins of the Keebler Elves; finally, after a few more top-secret steps along the way, a single can of Boxer Lager gets packaged by the fine people of Monroe, Wisconsin.

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