News Alert: Fat Dude Loves “Man Shots”

Dirty Beer Hole hasn’t seen a “man shot” taken down in quite a while, so Dirty Beer Hole felt compelled to spread the good word of this dude, along with his amazing physique. For those unfamiliar with a “man shot,” it’s a spin on a tequila shot.  It’s just three simple steps, in this order:

  1. you snort the salt;
  2. you shoot the shot (preferably double or more); and
  3. you squeeze the lime in your eye.

Ballsy, no? As fair warning for those that enjoy them a little DBH in their cubicle at work, there are frequent and unpredictable screams and animal noises in the video.  Volume down or headphones on.  You may also want to avoid watching this if your office has a policy against fat dudes wearing a bra.

Source: Ted’s Toilet.

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