Cheap Beer Madness 2011: Graphical Recap

So DirtyBeerHole can be one helluva lazy dude. So lazy that it takes approx 3 months to post the graphical recap of the 2011 Cheap Beer Madness tourney results. Well, better late than never, right? Congrats again to Boxer, legitimately the Beer of Champions for 2011. Cheap Beer Madness 2011 Recap!

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  • Director of Dirty Beer Hole Operations

    goddamn hilarious

  • Sean

    We just cleaned up and categorized our lagers at Barley Buddy, and I think all of your favorites might now fall under one category: the Adjunct Lagers.

    • Anonymous

      Nice, now DirtyBeerHole just needs to look up the meaning of “adjunct.”