Boxer Lager Boxers: The Loot Has Arrived

Here ye, here ye. A box full of Boxer Lager Boxers has arrived at Dirty Beer Hole Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as “DBHHQ”). Dirty Beer Hole will be doing a giveaway/raffle/contest/something in the near future. We’ll post more information on Twitter and this lavish website once we finally decide what we want to do with these bad boys. Post your comments below on contest suggestions.

Happy weekend to all you mother-DBH’ers out there.

Dirty Beer Hole

Boxer Lager Boxers

Boxer Lager Boxers


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  • MDsmith0

    I needa get myself a pair of these!

    • DirtyBeerHole

      Keep those eyes and ears open for the giveaway. Once Dirty Beer Hole gets off its lazy tail, it’ll come up shortly.

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