Bagel Bites: Dirty Beer Hole Wants Pizza In the Mornin’.

Pizza in the mornin’.  Pizza in the evenin’.  Pizza at suppertime.  Sign the Dirty Beer Hole up.

Bagel Bites sit atop the Dirty Beer Hole’s food group pyramid along with Hot Pockets and Totino’s Pizza Rolls.  After an evening of binge drinking, the Dirty Beer Hole finds it soothing imperative, to indulge in excessive over-consumption of flash-frozen imitations of pizza.  But don’t fret, the Dirty Beer Hole is a very health conscious fella’.  This over-indulgence of artery-clogging pizza snacks are offset by another critical food group: Simvastatin (triple dose of the FDA’s recommended allotment). In the words of Al Bundy’s character on Modern Family, “Well, I’ve gotta give those cholesterol pills something to do.”

Enjoy Jimmy Fallon and Meatloaf’s dramatic tribute to the holy matrimony of pizza and bagels.

Founder and operations manager of all things Dirty Beer Hole. Don't forget to tip your servers -- just the tip.

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