Mancave Essentials: Miss Gold, circa 1988

Every basement mancave requires mancave-esk decorations. The guidelines for such decorations are few and far between, but staple items generally involves paraphernalia that in some way references old cheap beer. Old advertisements, posters, neon signs, bar clocks, to name a few. You name it, someone probably has a plastered on a wall or two of their respective mancave.

With that said, I give you Miss Gold, purveyor of Coors Extra Gold. She proudly hangs above the pool table in my mancave and she only drinks her beer through a straw. This picture, nay, portrait, of Miss Gold comes complete with a personalized touch too: “Rick, Last night was the best I’ve ever had! Miss Gold.” So what if my real name isn’t Rick.  Some of my buds call me that and bought this for me when it was spotted at a local Goodwill store.

What’s your prized mancave decoration? Post it in the comments below and we may even feature you on the Dirty Beer Hole.

Miss Gold 1988, Coors Extra Gold Spokesmodel

Miss Gold 1988, Coors Extra Gold Spokesmodel

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