Saluting Those Who Salute Value Beers: Patriot #1

DirtyBeerHole loves America’s “value” beers, especially Pabst Blue Ribbon.  It’s not that we’re against value beers from Germany, Mexico or Canada, but we’re Americans — we’re not Germans, Mexicans or Canucks.

Memorial Day is a mere 64 days away, but DirtyBeerHole can’t wait that long to salute those who salute America’s value brewers.  Below is the first of many great patriots that Dirtybeerhole will honor over the next 9 weeks. 

Patriot #1:  Tom Raper, PBR fan patriot.  (Note: DirtyBeerHole isn’t crazy about his name, but it’s better than Tom I’m-a-Total-Douche-and-I-Murdered-Your-Sister).  Quote: “Drink it, you assholes.”

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