Boxer Lager: Lowest Legal Price; Bestest Legal Taste.

Boxer Lager wants you to know. If they charged anything less for their beer, it would be illegal (at least in Ontario). If it weren’t for The Man, who knows, maybe Boxer Lager would be free! Brother and Sister duo Ravinder and Manjit Minhas insist that they would “like to charge less, but that’s against the law.” Which leads us to their slogan: “Boxer Lager: Lowest Legal Price.” Maybe they could consider changing their slogan to some slightly more accurate: “Boxer Lager: Lowest Legal Prices; Bestest Legal Taste.” Just sayin’.

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  • Boxer Mom

    Where can this beer be purchased in the Northern Plains area of the U.S.?

    • DirtyBeerHole

      I know it’s available in MN and WI. Where about are you?