2011 Cheap Beer Madness

Below are the matchups from the March 19, 2011, Beer Madness tourney.  Detailed beer tallies were accidentally destroyed during the “Dammit-you-threw-away-the-official-results-piece-of-paper-while-cleaning-up-the-house” disaster of March 20, 2011 (some round 1 & 2 matchups may be inaccurate, but we know the Final Four beers are accurate).  Champions are indicated in bold.

Badger Regional

  • Round 1:
    Bud Light vs. Busch Light;
    LaCrosse Light
    vs. Natural Light
  • Round 2:
    Busch Light vs. LaCrosse Light

Regional Champion: LaCrosse Light

Wolverine Regional

  • Round 1:
    Miller Lite
    vs. Old Style;
    Boxer Lager
    vs. Keystone Light
  • Round 2:
    Miller Lite vs. Boxer Lager

Regional Champion: Boxer Lager

Boilermaker Regional

  • Round 1:
    Coors Light
    vs. Miller High Life;
    Stroh’s Light vs. Special Export
  • Round 2:
    Coors Light
    vs. Stroh’s Light

Regional Champion: Coors Light

Illini Regional

  • Round 1:
    Michelob Golden Light
    vs. Schlitz;
    Pabst Blue Ribbon
    vs. Schell’s Maifest
  • Round 2:
    Michelob Golden Light
    vs. PBR

Regional Champion: Michelob Golden Light

Final Four

  • LaCrosse Light vs. Boxer Lager
  • Coors Light vs. Michelob Golden Light


Coors Light vs. Boxer Lager

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  • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    If you would have had Red Dog in your tournament, it would have won.

    Boxer is a Red Dog knockoff anyway.

    • http://www.dirtybeerhole.com Director of Dirty Beer Hole Operations

      We used Red Dog as our pallette cleanser in between taste-test rounds a couple years ago, if that makes you feel any better.